In the current scenario people are so busy that they even don’t have time for themselves and
the businessman’s are so impatient that they want immediate brand awareness, goodwill and
profit. Which I am sure you all know that is not easy to earn within a less period of time and
that too by being updated with the current marketing trends and attractive content. At times
there are chances that we fail to convey our messages to the niche market in an effective and
efficient way.

While running a business there are lots of objectives set by the businessman’s like educating,
selling, creating brand awareness and many more. And if you are really worried about these
problems then video marketing is the best option for you. Video marketing provides you so
many merits that will make you rethink on the strategies of the business and will boost your
business performance.

So will be discussing few points that will tell you the importance of video marketing in business.

1. Larger Reach
As we all know that watching a video takes very less time than reading a content. Creating a
video can give  more clarity to the user to understand the content and will also be widely
spread. According to the survey if have added video to the landing page then the chances of
page engagement and brand awareness will be more and the conversion rate can increase by
70% .


2. Shareable Content
The content of video are easily shareable. Around 2 billion people are there who use social
networking platforms. And most of them are busy watching some or the other videos. Survey
says that around 65% traffic in the website are through online platforms. The study says that
videos are most searchable and are easily accessible and can get more engagement and
exposure to the website.


3. Improves Ranking
Adding video to the website will help you to improve the ranking and visibility of the website on
the search engine page. Which means that it will be helpful in doing your SEO i.e search engine
optimization. Better the SEO, better will be the positioning in the search engine results page.
And we all know the website that appears on the first page of the SERP is most trusted, so
video’s will be helping you be there on the first page.


4. Build Trust
Making videos will help you build personal bound and develop a customer relationship. People
can easily related to the content of the video and can understand it better that too within a very

less period of time. Videos help you to convey and share the emotions and informations to the
visitors with which people can conveniently relate to. And we all know that better the trust
amongst the visitors better will be the brand loyalty and loyal customer are easily retained.


5. Target scheduling
If you are making video then you have an opportunity to target the right set of people and right
time, when they are likely to be free and are interested to surf for the related stuff. By
scheduling your video post you can build up a better connect. You can also go live and listen to
the issues of people directly or can be available for them. As you know that there are so many
post posted in every minute, so there are chances that your post may get vanished. So proper
scheduling of video will help you to build a better connection.

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