Are you planning to write a blog or do you ever wanted to have your blog website. So here an article for you.

So for that first of all let me tell you about blog “what is a BLOG”

The term blog is a short form of “Web Log” which was started with the motive of sharing interests, hobbies, information and the topic people generally loves to discuss. Now the trend is changing people are making this as their career choice. But before you get into the world of creativity you should always make some choices, like what is the platform you are going to use. There are three most popular platform for blogging WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. But I personally recommend you to use WordPress as it is more convenient to use, there are plugin for every features that makes your work even more convenient and many attractive themes. Blogger is the most popular amongst all. It has got more wider acceptance and deep integration on the website. And the third one is Tumblr, it has got lots of communities with images. So it’s totally your choice to choose your platform. And then you have to make the choice of the topic. Topic is the most important factor for your writing a blog. You should always write about your interest, your knowledge or anything. Just keep in mind that it should not be controversial and should be easily debatable.

Now coming to the question that how to generate more traffic then I will suggest you few points.


  1. Google really appreciate the website that are constantly active.For getting a constant traffic to your website, it is necessary that you should post often or after a fixed Interval of time. This will be helpful in generating traffic to the website.


  1. Seo ( search engine optimization)is the very basic if you want to promote your website. It will be very helpful to be in the first page of the search engine page. You can select the best keywords that people are searching and is related to your website and quote it there. Within a very less span of time and money you will be able to get relevant traffic. As it help you get into niche marketing.



  1. As you know that more than 2 Billion people are there on the social media and if you are planning to get relevant traffic then social mediais the best platform. You can create your social media page and initially promote it amongst your friends and family and also ask them to share or else you can choose the paid option to improve your visibility. By spending a little amount of money you will be able to target larger audience and will easily be able to get page engagements.


  1. You can also include the social media’s share buttonon to your website. As you know that more of sharing will hep you get lots of traffic to the website and will also lead to the increment in the brand awareness. And you know it better the better your brand is the more people are loyal to you.


  1. Video marketingis another method you should consider. These days it is rather easy to create video and build a channel on Youtube or other video sharing sites. These sites have tons of visitors and your videos, with a link back to your classified website, can have a large exposure.


  1. You can also build up the backlinkto your website but do focus on highly quality backlink as you can be penalized by Google.You can also build some links by submitting your links to niche directories, bookmarking sites and answering on Q&A websites.


  1. And at last you can promote using Google AdWords. In this Google will be promoting your blogs . You just have select the audience and keywords and create an ad . Google will be helping you to reach your target and will also tell you that where is your lacking.


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